Google Data Studio: How to join Google Search Console and Google Analytics data with the new data…


Google Datastudio now offers the option to combine / join information from different data sources into one view.

That’s great, but in some cases you need a workaround to make the data matchable.

URL and paths are different in Google Search Console and Google Analyitcs

Google Analyitcs Landing Page with just paths

Google Search Console with Landing Page full URLs

So the difference is the which is missing in Google Analyitcs’ data

How to create custom “join keys” for the Blend Data feature:

Use the “Create New Dimension” feature

Data Studio will help you to create a proper formula.

In this case I added to the landingpage in Google Analyitcs the prefix using:

CONCAT(‘‘,Landing Page)

Give the field a good name you will find later.

In the Blend Data view you can now join with this new dimension.


e.g. one table with impressions from GSC and Bounce Rate from GA

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