How to clean you WordPress from JS:Adware.Lnkr.A Malware / Adware


JS:Adware.Lnkr.A / Adware Lnkr goal as described here is to “inject malicious javascript in the web pages browsed by the user.”

If you are a WordPress editor you will end up with sites full of Malware / Adware code.

How to clean up

Step 1: Free you machine from the Malware

e.g. by cleaning up the whole machine or try something as described here or here

It was my coworkers machine so please google how to clean up you machine from the Malware… this post goes more into detail about how to clean up WordPress…

Step 2: Download your WordPress database as SQL file.

First do a backup. Maybe take the site offline during the cleanup… thus the database won’t change.

Step 3: Open the sql file in editor (like Sublime Text)

Step 4: Search for Malware code and delete it

The malware code looks in my case like this:




check here

Do “find all” and delete the Malware code.

Step 6: Upload new clean SQL

I would recommend in addition to check your system again … If everything works fine your done.

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